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Engineering, fabricating, and installing process systems for food and beverage customers is challenging, but TQ Constructors has the experienced craftsmen and facilities needed to serve this industry with distinction. We specialize in building clean and sanitary process systems for a broad range of applications in food and beverage production and packaging. Serving customers of all sizes nationwide, our team provides the highest-quality workmanship, valuable design support, and responsive service that creates an unmatched customer experience.

(Plant Relocation Projects)
Coordinated a three-phase move keeping production running during the relocation efforts. Plants in Frostproof, FL and Bridgeport, NJ were moved to Cincinnati, OH. A complete system overhaul is currently in process at the Cincinnati location along with a new tank farm and bulk dispensing system.

(New Ice Cream Production Facility)
Heavy Equipment Setting, Sanitary Batching and Processing System Fabrication and Installation to 3A Dairy Standards, Plant Service Utility Fabrication to ASME B31.1 Code.

(Process Systems Installed over 10 yr. period)
Spray Dryer Installations (3), Process Reactor Installations (5), Multiple Bulk Processing, CIP, Plant Service Utility, Safety Shower, Batching System, Powder Process Projects, and Multiple Modular Skid and Platform Fabrication Projects. (Cheese Plant Relocation) Disassembled plant in Oconomowoc, WI, and relocated it to Florence, KY. Built new stainless mezzanine with concrete floor and set several relocated tanks and new tanks. Installed new piping systems to make the Florence plant operational ahead of schedule.

(Plant Relocation Project)
Plant Service Utility Piping System Fabrication and Installation. Sanitary Process System Fabrication and Installation. Heavy Equipment Removal and Re-Installation, and Sanitary Platform Fabrication and Installation.

(New Batching Systems for Canning Line Projects(2))
Plant Service Utility Piping System Fabrication and Installation, Sanitary Batching and Cooking Process System Fabrication and Installation, Heavy Equipment Setting, Sanitary Platform Fabrication and Installation, Modular Skid Fabrication, and Custom Sanitary Fabrication.

(New Frozen Hot Pocket Line Project)
Heavy Equipment Setting, ASME B31.1 Plant Service Utility Piping, and Sanitary Tube Fabrication to 3A Dairy Standards.

(New Bottled Water Production Facility Projects (4) and Additional Bottling Line Installation Projects (9) completed at FL, ME, MI, TN, and TX plant locations)
Heavy Equipment Setting, Platform and Equipment Support Fabrication, Sanitary Process System Fabrication and Installation to 3A Dairy Standards, and Plant Service Utility Piping Fabrication and Installation.

Services & System Experience

TQ offers premier custom stainless steel fabrication services to food and beverage industry customers. TQ’s capabilities include modular skid fabrication and food-grade platform and frame fabrication and installation. TQ also has extensive experience in fabricating and installing sanitary tubing as well as ASME B31.1 plant service utility piping. TQ’s team also offers heavy equipment setting, installation, hook-up, and start-up services, along with system start-up assistance. In addition, TQ helps customers with system degreasing, passivation, and flushing, as well as general pipe routing and AutoCAD layout design assistance.

We have experience with a broad variety of systems, including general 3A dairy-grade sanitary process systems, food and beverage liquid processing and batching systems, and flavoring, spray dry, and powder-delivery systems. We also design, fabricate, and install process filling systems, CIP and SIP systems, piggable systems, deionized and reverse-osmosis water systems, culinary steam systems, general plant service utility systems, glycol cooling systems, and hydraulic systems. Additionally, we have experience with high and low-pressure compressed air systems, chemical washdown and cleaning systems, gas supply systems for ovens and other processing applications, chilled water systems, cooling tower systems, and more. Regardless of the customer’s needs, every food and beverage customer gets our signature total quality workmanship for effective and long-lasting operation.

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