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Serving Bio-Pharm BPE Customers

TQ Constructors has more than two decades of experience serving customers in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. As a proud member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) BPE Committee, we’re capable of fabricating and installing high-purity systems for BPE applications. Our dedication to quality workmanship, valuable design and engineering assistance, and outstanding customer experience make us one of the premier system fabricators for bio-pharmaceutical customers large and small across the country.

(High Purity Custom Fabrication)
ASME B31.3 BPE Custom Shop Fabrication.

Filling & Bulk Process Expansion, & Validated BPE Modular Skid Systems

(New Pharmaceutical Production Facility and Research Laboratory Projects)
High Purity Equipment Setting, High Purity Bulk Processing System Fabrication and Installation to ASME B31.3 BPE Code, High Purity Modular Skid Fabrication, Stainless Steel Plant Service Utility Fabrication to ASME B31.1 Code, System Validation Support and Assistance.

Bulk Processing 1 & 2, Fill lines 1 & 2, Lab Water, Validated BPE Modular Skids

Process & Utility Upgrades

(Plant Service Systems)
Heavy Equipment Setting, ASME B31.1 Plant Service Utility Piping, and Platform Construction.

(New Research Laboratory / De-Ionized Loop System Project)
High Purity Equipment Setting, High Purity Structural Equipment Support Fabrication, High Purity System Fabrication and Installation to B31.3 BPE Code (30 laboratories, and over 140 points of use).

(Projects and Processes Installed over 15 yr. period: Modernization/Automation Project, Shampoo, Alcohol Based Hair Spray, Hair Relaxer, Conditioner, Dye, Perm Solution, Bulk Truck Uploading, Pigging System, Reverse Osmosis Water System, and De-Ionized Water System)
Heavy Equipment Setting, Plant Services, B31.1 Plant Utility Piping, Sanitary Process System Fabrication and Installation, and High Purity System Fabrication and Installation to ASME B31.3 BPE Code (for De-ionized Water System).

Validated BPE Process Upgrades and Utilities expansion

(Laundry Detergent Batching, Perfume Injection, and LPD Skid Fabrication Projects)
Heavy Equipment Setting, Plant Service Utility Piping, High Purity System Fabrication and Installation to ASME B31.3 BPE code, and High Purity Modular LPD Skid Fabrication including FAT and System Validation Assistance.

Validated BPE Modular Skid Systems

Services & System Experience

At TQ, we offer bio-pharmaceutical customers expert custom stainless-steel fabrication services. We specialize in clean-design platform and frame fabrication and installation and modular skid fabrication with qualified FAT. We’re trusted leaders in high-purity tube fabrication and installation to ASME B31.3 and BPE standards, as well as plant-service utility pipe fabrication and installation to ASME B31.1 standards. Our team offers heavy equipment setting, installation, hook-up, and start-up services in addition to system start-up assistance. We also provide BPE system validation assistance through quality control and certified inspections, including boroscopic inspection. Finally, we can assist customers with general pipe routing and AutoCAD layout designs, as needed.

The TQ team has experience with a wide range of systems specific to the pharmaceutical industry. These include general PBE high-purity process systems, bulk-processing systems, BPE filling and injection systems, and CIP and SIP systems. We also fabricate USP deionized and reverse-osmosis water systems, clean-steam systems, general plant service utility systems, glycol cooling systems, chemical-delivery systems, high and low-pressure compressed air systems, and more. No matter what types of systems our pharmaceutical customers require, TQ Constructors will fabricate them and install them for the most effective operation possible.

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